Lucky’s Doughnuts is a new project from 49th Parallel Coffee Roasters.

Lucky's Doughnuts

Ittook us five years to open Lucky’s. Whenever we were in the United States at a coffee show, Colter and Vince would meet early for coffee and go on the hunt for doughnuts; when they found a winner, they’d bring a box for everyone else back at the convention centre. This went on for a few years, and we threw around the idea for a doughnut shop. “Just coffee and doughnuts,” we’d say. The idea was to keep it simple, and just make doughnuts the old fashioned way, no frozen product, nothing trucked in; just simple, delicious doughnuts. In many ways, it was perfect; a new challenge, but not something completely different; something to complement what we already do. Two years before we opened, Colter took a vacation, which consisted of various pastry and doughnut making courses throughout the US.

Over the next 18 months, it was lots of brainstorming new flavours, and what the final products would look like, while we scouted for a location. The location on Main Street used to be a laundromat and drycleaner; meaning it had to be completely gutted. Two and a half of the exterior walls came off, the roof had to be redone, but we did find some beautiful beams in the ceiling which had been hidden from view by suspended ceiling tiles. In all, it took us five months to tear it apart and build it back. Finally, in June 2012, we opened the door. We weren’t even sure that it was going to happen until about 5:30 the afternoon before. So we threw up a short message on Twitter, and figured we’d see what happened. When we unlocked the doors at 7:00, there were already a few people waiting. Dream fulfilled.