Current Menu- Winter 2018

Strawberry Buttermilk

Classic Old Fashioned dipped in a strawberry buttermilk glaze.

Raspberry Berlinger

Raspberry filling and coated in icing sugar.


PB&J square doughnut with peanut butter glaze filled with raspberry jam.

Cinnamon Sugar

Our classic old fashioned covered in delicious cinnamon sugar. The classics never get old.

Salted Caramel Old Fashioned

Old fashioned doughnut topped with caramel and maldon salt

Chocolate Sourdoughnut

100% naturally leavened, chocolate sourdoughnut. Afternoon only.

Apple Bacon Fritter

Apple and bacon, topped with a maple glaze and even more bacon.

Raspberry Matcha Bismarck

A bismarck with matcha filling and raspberry glaze.

Creme Brûlée

Classic vanilla filling dipped in sugar and torched.

Chocolate Old Fashioned

A chocolate old fashioned doughnut topped with ganache and chocolate sprinkles.

Classic Old Fashioned

Sour cream old fashioned topped with our signature vanilla glaze.

Currant and Ginger Scone

Our classic sweet scone, made fresh every morning.

Long John

Vanilla pastry cream filled long john topped with chocolate ganache and lines of white chocolate.

Blueberry Peanut

Yeast dough filled with creamy peanut filling and dipped in blueberry glaze.

French Cruller

Traditional French choux topped with vanilla glaze.

The Sourdoughnut

Canada’s first 100% naturally leavened doughnut with no added yeast or baking soda. Afternoon only.

Glazed Ring

A yeast-raised doughnut topped with vanilla glaze. Simple and delicious.

Cheddar and Chive Scone

Our classic savoury scone, made fresh every morning.






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